Vítejte na stránkách Národní jazykový test pořádaný IFMSA CZ!
Welcome to the National Language Test by IFMSA CZ!

Welcome to IFMSA CZ Contest 2021!

Due to the current epidemiological situation and constant change of restrictions, we have decided to change the format of the National Language Test for this year. 

Please, read carefully.

We have decided that students who have passed the exam from Medical English at level B2 at their respective faculties DO NOT have to take the National Language Exam this year. We understand that the level of exams might vary between faculties, however, this came as the only reasonable solution to avoid gathering bigger groups of students and prevent unnecessary spreading of the virus.

Students who have successfully passed the exam from Medical English will be asked to upload a document that states their level of English. The document will be provided by your university or IFMSA CZ and has to be signed by the respective study department or language institution.

These students will be asked to fill in the application form at the website and conduct payment as usual. 

Students who have not yet passed their Medical English exam but still want to participate in the IFMSA CZ Exchange contest will be asked to pass the exam online. To ensure fairness and transparency of the exam, the question form will be open at the exact same time for every student and user’s activity will be monitored in order to avoid cheating. Any participant whose activity would indicate any kind of non-compliance with the rules will be excluded from the contest!

Registration will be open from 18.10. 00:00  to 28.10. 2021 23:59. The test will take place on 2nd of November at 18:30. For detailed information about the schedule please check Test schedule of General information. 

ALL points from IFMSA CZ activities will be gathered from our internal member database Point-Hub. Please, make sure you are registered at the website and ask for any points you might be missing from last year. All the points we have gathered until October 2021 are already uploaded there.



For detailed information about the Contest and National Language Test please see General information

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