Vítejte na stránkách Národní jazykový test pořádaný IFMSA CZ!
Welcome to the National Language Test by IFMSA CZ!

Welcome to the IFMSA CZ Exchange Contest 2022!

Do you wanna go on an international clinical or research exchange with IFMSA? Your journey starts here!

This year, we are conducting the national language test online in 4 languages out of which only the English test is mandatory. The other tests are voluntary and you should take them only if you expect to visit the countries where the language is spoken and if you don't have another certificate of that language and might need one to prove your competence in that particular language. The tests will be conducted in the following dates:

  • English test (MANDATORY) - 31. 10. 2022 18:00 - This test is split into the following two parts:

    • General English test - Students holding an international English certificate B2 or higher are exempt from the test; you will be asked to upload set certificate for evaluation

    • Medical English test - All students need to undertake the test

  • Spanish test - 1. 11. 2022 18:00

  • French test - 2. 11. 2022 18:00

  • German test - 3. 11. 2022 18:00

Registration will be open from 17.10. 00:00 to 28.10. 2022 23:59. For detailed information about the schedule please check out General information > Test schedule.

Important note: This year, passing a Medical English exam at the faculty won't be recognized as an exemption from taking the test - students who still have to take the English test.


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