General info


General information

In this section, we're gonna take you through the individual steps you need to go through to successfully go on an exchange you've dreamt of. Please read carefully and before asking questions, kindly make sure the answer isn't already mentioned in this text.


1. Registration

You can register at this site under the tab Přihlášení (Signing in). Registration will be open from 17th October 00:00 to 30th October 23:59.


2. Administration Fee

After your registration, you'll be asked to pay an administration fee. There are two ways of payment:

  • Online transfer to IFMSA CZ bank account (FIO bank) - 150 CZK

  • PayPal online payment - 180 CZK (higher due to PayPal fees)

The deadline for this payment being credited to IFMSA CZ account is 30th October 23:59. The bank reserves 3 working days to make the transfer so take that into account when you make the payment. Without paying the fee, you cannot participate in the language test and thus go on an exchange. The administration fee is not refundable even if you don't take the test.

Once you choose at least one country and save your choice, the complete payment information will be available on the website (you can later change that country). In the message for recipient write your NAME and FACULTY.

Upon completing the payment, the system will generate a MID, your unique identification number which needed to enter the language test. In case of any complications with the payment, please contact your Local Officer (LEO or LORE) immediately.


3. Choosing Your Exchange Country

There are two types of exchanges - research (for 2nd year students or higher) and professional exchanges (3rd year or higher). You can choose 1 to 15 countries from the list in order of your preference (most desired country first).

Before making the list, it is absolutely essential to read the Exchange Conditions of your desired countries. Study the documents you'll need, look through the available cities, projects and departments. It's good to know whether you'll need a visa, how much are the flight tickets and if you meet all the country-specific conditions. For example, some countries only accept 6th grade students or need extra vaccination. If you don't read the conditions and later find out you can't go to the country because you don't meet the conditions, you'll loose your exchange spot without any compensation.

Exchange Conditions - Professional Exchanges (SCOPE)

Exchange Conditions - Research Exchanges (SCORE)

It's possible that you might get a country which is last on your list of desired countries, so make sure you are only choosing countries you are willing to go to.

You can edit your list of countries until 8th November 12:00.


4. National Language Test

The National Language Test (also referred to as NLT or in Czech NJT) serves as a certification that student's language skills are sufficient to take part in an IFMSA exchange. This year, we are conducting the national language test online in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French and German) out of which only the English test is mandatory. The other tests are voluntary and you should take them only if you expect to visit the countries where the language is spoken and if you don't have another certificate of that language and might need one to prove your competence in that particular language. The tests will be conducted in the following dates:

  • English test (MANDATORY) - 31. 10. 2022 18:00 - This test consists of General and Medical English. There are no exemptions from the test and no certificates are recognized!

  • Spanish test - 1st November 18:00

  • French test - 2nd November 18:00

  • German test - 3rd November 18:00

The tests will be composed of multiple choice questions, grammar exercise, communication, academic language and reading comprehension exercises. They will contain 61 questions with a total of 100 points. There is just one correct answer for each question.

The results of the test will be published on the 6th November in the evening. Applicants who reach 60% in the test will get a certificate from IFMSA CZ. This certificate is valid for 1 year (not for the next exchange season). Students who don't reach the 60% pass line in the mandatory English test will not be allowed to participate in the process of distribution of exchanges. Not passing in the other tests does not exclude you from the exchange process.


5. Application

Before the distribution of exchanges, you can work on your application which includes uploading relevant documents (translating to exchange points benefiting you in the exchange distribution) and the list of countries mentioned in section 3. Choosing Your Exchange Country. Uploading the documents will be possible until 4th November 23:59, editing the list of countries will be possible until 8th November 12:00.

To boost your chance to get the exchange country you want, you can gain exchange points in the 4 categories below. You can earn a maximum of 80 points in each category, making the theoretical maximum of points 320. Please note that in order to get an exchange spot, you don't need many points at all unless it's a highly contested country:

  • IFMSA projects - e.g. help out at the World Diabetes Day; these points are imported from the PointHub point database, for questions how to obtain these points, contact your Local Coordinators

  • IFMSA exchanges - e.g. being a CP (Contact Person) for incoming students; these points are also imported from the PointHub database

  • Your grades - an average of 1.0 translates to 80 points, 3.0 and less equal 40 points (that means you are guaranteed to get at least 40 points in this category)

  • Extra activities - we will award 10 points for each of the following by uploading a relevant proof (If you are not sure whether your extra activity is eligible for this category, contact your LEO):

    • Being a member of the Academic Senate
    • Participation in a relevant medicine related conference
    • Conducting research
    • Publishing a paper
    • Active participation in student's associations at least 3 years old (e.g. organizing events or being in the executive board)
    • Voluntary work or Non-school related practice in the field of medicine (e.g. volunteering at COVID-19 units for at least 150 hours, shadowing any doctor for at least 2 weeks)
    • Representation of your faculty (e.g. in sports events)
    • Lecturing at your own faculty

You will also get 5 extra points if this is your first exchange.

The Local and National Exchange Officers reserve the right to exclude participants from the exchange competition for misconduct such as violating instructions and forging documents.


6. Distribution of Exchanges

On the 8th November 2022 around 22:00 the Distribution of exchanges will take place.

The algorithm will automatically assign exchange spots to the students across all faculties based on the number of points they gathered. Participating or even successfully completing the National Language Test does not guarantee you an exchange spot. You can find more information about the distribution process here (in Czech) or ask our Exchange Officers.

If you have gained an exchange your Local Exchange Officer (LEO) or Local Officer on Research Exchange (LORE) will contact you and inform you about the next steps.

Giving up an exchange
In case you win an exchange and decide to give it up, you can do so until 13th January 2023 without any cancellation fee. This exchange will then go to an exchange market and will be offered to other participants who haven't won an exchange yet. If you give up your exchange it cannot be undone and you will only have access to the last exchange market which will take place on the 14th December 2022 (more on this in the following section).


7. Exchange Market

The Exchange Market serves as a tool to fill the free spots resulting from students giving up their exchanges. Hence, it contains randomly vacated exchanges and has no connection to your preference list.

Students that didn't get enough points to get an exchange in the Exchange distribution will be invited to the Exchange Markets in waves based on the number of exchange points they have and their faculty. Those with the highest number of points (closest to the cut-off line) will be in the first wave, then those with less points in the second wave and so on.

The invitation will be carried out via email with an exact time of the Market opening (please check your Spam folder as well). The email will also contain a list of available exchanges to be chosen from during the market. The Markets will be held in the following dates:

  • 1st Exchange Market - 16th November

  • 2nd Exchange Market - 23th November

  • 3rd Exchange Market30th November

  • Last Exchange Market14th December

The Markets will always be open for 20 minutes and it will be a clicking contest on a first come first served basis.

The last market will be accessible to everyone who doesn’t yet have an exchange and was successful in the National Language Test, including those who gave up their exchanges. The exchanges spots are taken within seconds. We are always trying to secure our system against the onset of clicks, but even so we cannot guarantee a smooth operation of the server.

Important note: You still need to comply with the Exchange Conditions of the country you'll pick. We encourage you, when the list of countries going into the Market will be shared, go through your favourites and check their Exchange Conditions, so you later don't need to give this exchange up.

If you wish to give up your exchange after 14th December, please contact your Local Officer, it will no longer be possible via the website.


Good luck! If you have any questions don't hesitate to approach the LEO (Local Exchange Officer) or LORE (Local Officer on Research Exchange) at your faculty. You can find their emails in the Contact List.

Note: All times mentioned above are in the CEST and CET timezone; if not mentioned otherwise, the dates are in year 2022